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About Us

About Us

Established in 1965, John Cameron Aviation is a privately owned Australian company employing a dedicated team of skilled technicians and qualified engineers working in the field of aircraft maintenance and component overhaul and repairs. For over 47 years we have earned the reputation of being a well established and very well respected company within the aviation industry, providing our customers with value for money and confidence that our work is first class.

In 1975 Rotorpower Holdings was formed and continued to trade as “John Cameron Aviation” due to the good standing reputation that had been built up over the years.

Some of our major customers in our helicopter maintenance facility include:
  • Civil Emergency
  • Surf Rescue
  • Medical Services Helicopters
  • TV News Media helicopters
  • Private Operators
  • Airwork and Charter Operators
While in our Fire, Oxygen, and Restraint maintenance facility some of our major customers are:
Qantas SkyWest Raytheon
Regional Express Department of Defence  

In addition to our maintenance facilities, over the years John Cameron Aviation has been proud to produce some innovative and exclusive accessories, that have continued to sell successfully on the world market.

The success of this company is due to the dedication of our skilled team of employees. The key to our success has been our ability to recognize our customers as people that know and look for value in their spending, service and turn - around time.

Quality Certified System

For the quality assurance of our customers, John Cameron Aviation has upgraded its Quality Management System to ISO9001:2015. With this upgraded quality management system, our focus is to:

  • Set clear and measurable objectives
  • Maintain high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Achieve continual process improvement, through customer feedback

With a greater emphasis on customer feedback, management review and process improvement, the team at John Cameron Aviation are confident in fulfilling our objectives by raising the bar in customer satisfaction and producing a great Quality Product at a Quality Price.

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